American Raku Firing

What is American Raku Firing? (Something to write about in the future)

Midnight Potter Studios Raku Firings:

Raku Firings are by appointment on Saturdays from 12:00 - 4:00 pm at a minimum cost of $25/person + $18 (per load; more for tall items). 2 person minimum.

We've not been firing up the raku kiln for a couple of years due to the fire bans in the summer. We plan to get in a firing in May 2017 before the wildfires roar up. Currently, we are earmarking May 6th, 2017 for the first firing, weather permitting. Call the studio if you are interested in participating in raku firings. 

If you are participating in the firing, you will need to provide items to raku! The April 2017 class is a great time to get stuff made for this purpose. Items must be bisque fired before the Raku Day. There will be vessels made by the Midnight Potter available to purchase so that you can glaze and raku fire them, if you don't have anything made of your own.

All attendees must sign a waiver of liability and pay a fee, even if just hanging out with us. Whether you are participating or visiting, you'll be looking and learning, therefore the fee pertains to all.

Raku Firing Kiln Costs: (cone 06)

Group Workshop: $25/person + $18/load up to 9" tall.
Over 9" tall, add $6 per additional 4.5"h (or kiln brick ring), per load up to max 22"ht and 13"wide.

Bisque firing fees are separate.