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Midnight Potter Studios, Anchorage Alaska 907-563-CLAY (2529)

Plate, Pitcher, and Latte CupWe are your local Anchorage supplier of ready-to-use clay bodies, dry cone 5 glazes, raw materials, pottery tools, pottery classes, and finished pottery. We offer kiln firing services for low-fire & mid-fire to cone 6 in electric kilns. Wheel throwing classes for adults is our specialty. We also produce finished wheel-thrown wares for wholesale and retail in Alaska. Our show room/gallery at the studio is available by appointment. Find gifts for weddings, birthdays, or everyday. 

Thank you for supporting our local business.

A warm welcome to our new staff member:
Introducing Iris Boser, for Wheel Instruction Classes. Iris will be leading the wheel throwing classes in January & February 2018. Class start times will move up to start at 5pm, instead of 6pm. Please give Iris a big welcome and sign up for classes this fall & winter!

Adult classes are ongoing. See the "Classes" tab above. Send an email to inquire about space availability for classes in 2018. Sign up for a class with a friend and both of you can take $30 off the current price of the class. Discount is applied at the time of payment. If a friend cancels, the discount does not apply and will be due during the class time.


Are you interested in attending one or two day workshops at Midnight Potter Studios? Please send us an email sharing what topics or demonstrations would be helpful for you.

Suggested Ideas to build on:

  • Improve Your Aim When Throwing (From Centering on Up)
  • Pricing or Determining the Value of Your Work
  • Loading a Kiln for Bisque and Glaze
  • Slab Roller Projects
  • Hands-On Workshops or Demonstration Workshops
  • Historical Period Pottery and Their Uses


Studio News:

JAN 2018 Update:

It's a new year! The studio is open for winter classes starting on January 8th, 2018. The January class is full so we are now taking reservations for the February 2018 class. Please send an email if you are interested in signing up. This is something fun to do with a friend or time for yourself. 

On display in the gallery: Pottery by Penny Panlener, Kaity Johnston, Iris Boser, Lynne Jablonski and Jenny Ditto. Fused Glass by Cindy Holderith and Laura Walter.

Several people are making clay sculpture & figures at home with their kids and having them fired at the studio. Let us know how we can help you with your projects too. We sell the clay and tools to get you started and we can discuss the glazes needed to finish your projects.

Straw Bale projects for the natural building community: We can order what you need. Let's talk about what you need!

Class Fees will be going up. This is due to an increase in costs to offer studio space in Anchorage. This increase does not make anyone (in the studio) richer. Our goal every month is to keep the lights on, keep the doors open (when they are scheduled to be open), fire the kilns, and pay the rent. Sadly, that's as fortunate as it gets in this economy. This is a labor of love, as they say. Without the demand, there would be no reason for the service. Please support locally. We feel lucky to be here to help you!

We are open Monday & Wednesday at 6pm to 9pm for Classes, pottery supplies, dropping off or picking up of kiln fired items, and finished pottery. 

Dry goods, such as powdered glazes or raw materials require extra time to process or package up. Let us know ahead of your visit so we can get your order ready before you arrive. Otherwise you may need to make a second trip to pick up your items later. 


Wheel throwing classes for adults is our specialty. Classes are four weeks long on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6 pm to 9 pm. The schedule is posted for early 2018. Click on the "Classes" tab above. *NEW*: We are offering classes by the week if you can't fit in a whole class. Contact us to schedule what works for you. This option is not listed on the Classes Tab as it depends on available space.

Wheel Throwing














Raku Firings are limited in the summer due to fire bans. We did a firing in May 2017 and it had fabulous results. We plan to do the next Raku Firing in May 2018. Raku firing is weather permitting. Call the studio if you are interested in participating in raku firings. Go to the tab above (American Raku Firing) for more details about this Raku Firing. Winter time is a good time to make vessels in preparation for firing in the spring. Sign up for a class now, not later.


The guild had a show in September at GCVA (Girdwood Center for Visual Arts), next to the bakery. Thank you to GCVA for hosting and to Chair 5 for providing appetizers on the opening night.

Next Up: The Annual Fall Sale is scheduled for Nov 3rd & 4th, 2017 at the Sears Mall Common area. Yes, that is a two day sale! Friday & Saturday. The hours are the same as the Mall Hours. Can't miss it! Get your Christmas shopping started!

Anchorage Clay Arts Guild meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Meetings run Sept - May annually. Meetings are held at Midnight Potter Studios at 7pm. Open to the public. Come meet the members, join the group, & get inspired. Annual dues ($25) cover January to December. 


Thank you for supporting your local art scene promoting the hand-crafted movement. Giving a hand-made gift is always the best. The gallery contains pottery works from several Anchorage potters including Penny Panlener, Kaity Johnston, Lynne Jablonski and Jenny Ditto; Mosaic work by Joe Cooper and fused glass by Laura Walters and Cindy Holderith. The gallery is open on Mon & Wed nights 6-9pm or by appointment. In the Fall, the gallery will be open on posted dates starting in November, running through December.  Click here for a list of dates for the studio dates: holiday-events-or-sales. To see recent photos of our pottery work visit us on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/Midnightpotter 

Otherwise, the gallery is available by appointment in 2018. Make an appointment or stop by on a Mon or Wed evening. 


You can rent time on a wheel at Midnight Potter Studios! Previous wheel experience required and basic skills expected. Throwing & trimming instructions are not provided with wheel rentals. This is by appointment only. Clay must be purchased at the studio for use on the wheel. Make it one night, trim it on another night a week later. Kiln firing & glaze costs are additional. Call or email the studio for space availability.

Everyone who uses MPS must learn and abide by studio policies, cleaning up as directed, and follow safe guidelines for working with clay. Always avoid creating airborne clay dust. We recycle clay, therefore some rules apply and need to be followed to ensure the purity of the system. Wheel time is $10/hr. per person. Kiln firing is priced by measuring the size of the piece going into the kiln. Glaze fees are by the pound or by the ounce, depending on type used (dipping or brushed on).


COMMUNITY EVENTS: Throwing Bowls for Empty Bowls Projects:

If you'd like to make bowls for Empty Bowls Fundraisers around the State of Alaska, you can rent time on a wheel at Midnight Potter Studios! Previous wheel experience required. Throwing Instructions are not provided. This is by appointment only. Your organization or charity buys the clay & glaze ahead of time from Midnight Potter Studios. Two dipping glaze colors are recommended. If you prefer other types or colors of glaze, you can purchase those to use with prior approval. You pay for firing costs. You must learn and abide by studio policies, cleaning up as directed, and follow safe guidelines for working with clay. Always avoid creating airborne clay dust. We recycle clay, therefore some rules apply and need to be followed to ensure the purity of the system. Wheel time is $10/hr. Firing costs depend on the size of the bowls or by the kiln load.

CURRENT WORK Available at:

You can find pottery by the Midnight Potter by making arrangements to visit the studio or visit Denali Dreams Soap Co. in Anchorage or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage Glacier. Soon our coffee mugs will be availale in Valdez. We do custom work too! Our Alaskan items are also available at the airport. To see recent photos of our pottery work visit us on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/Midnightpotter

SHOWS We'll Be At This Fall: (we'll update this soon)

The Alaska State Fair on the Red Trail. - Done!

GCVA in Girdwood, next to the bakery, is happening for the whole month of September, 2017. - Done!

The Anchorage Clay Arts Guild Annual Fall Sale at the Sears Mall on Friday, Nov 3rd & Saturday Nov 4th, 2017.

We will have a booth (#205) at the Arts and Crafts Emporium show in the Dena'ina Center on Saturday, November 18th & Sunday, November 19th, 2017.

The studio gallery will be open on Saturdays, Nov-Dec, when we are not at one of the above listed venues. Posted dates starting in November, running through December.  Click here for a list of dates for the studio dates: holiday-events-or-sales


Adult - Pottery Wheel Throwing Classes are available at the studio. Next class starts soon. Let us know if you are interested. Details are listed under the Classes tab at the top of the page! 

• Wheel Throwing Classes

• American Raku Firings


 Supplies for Sale (Clay Bodies)  Yes, we sell real clay, mostly cone 6 white stonewares but we also carry other types of clays. All wet clays are available in 25 lb bags in block form. We can special order other clays and supplies too. We can get supplies for Straw Bale Construction for the clay-plasters.

• Current Events, Where to Purchase Pottery, Holiday Events & Sales  ** New Events are listed for 2017!! Click on the EVENTS tab at the top.


5861 ARCTIC BLVD., STE. E & F (Around the back from Nature's Jewels Rock Shop, north of Qwik Cup Espresso restaurant) Look for the bright blue door, and now we also have a bright green door (Because we have two doors to enter through).


Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Some Saturdays and Sundays Noon - 4 pm (Call to make an appt.)

Sometimes on Fridays 5 pm - ? pm (Call to make an appt.)

If you need to purchase pottery, clay, supplies or tools at a different time from published hours, please email or call and leave a message. We will reply as quickly as we can to arrange to meet at the studio (not always the same day). We are working a day-job nearby and can pop on in to meet you. Sorry, we're doing what we have to in order to pay the bills and keep the studio alive. We accept Credit Cards for payment, as well as cash & local checks.


E-Mails are responded to quicker than phone calls are returned. If you call the studio and no one answers, please leave a message or send an email. We may have our hands in clay and can't answer to phone (or out working our day job). But if you need information, it's best to send an email. Thank you and we want to hear from you!




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